Video Streaming

Info-Maker manages and publishes your videos online combined with advanced features like comprehensive statistics, automated uploads as well as advanced player customization.

We have built a Video Streaming Platform "VimStream" that allows clients video management from mobile devices and laptops. Our solutions can be integrated into all IP centric broadcast and broadband operations.

The VimStream Platform has an automated "Pay-Per-View" integrated module, that allows the distributor or the producer to setup the price for each video/movie and get paid for each views.


Vimstream Specifications


Our automated system encodes videos at seven different speeds (bitrates) and stores them on our servers.

Depending on the bandwidth available,our smooth streaming technology will select the best bit-rate to display the video and this results in a flawless viewing experience.

We focused on providing a white label high quality video solution via adaptive smooth streaming in the most user friendly mode. This web application is compatible with iPad, iPhone and XBox. Furthermore it provides a multiple payment system and is therefore accessible to a bigger audience.


vimstream smooth streaming video platform



Our company has professional experience in video encoding and media formats. This experience has allowed us to develop a windows application for automated encoding. Our Windows application "VimStream Studio" allows both the small and larger Distribution chains to grab, encode and then automatically upload videos to our servers.

Video Streaming



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